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Testimonial: Thompson Electronics

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To: Tony Nasca, Dove Net Technologies:
From: Craig A. Thompson, President, Thompson Electronics
Re: The Project System

Buying your software solution to the electronics contracting business was a no-brainer. Since installing it in 1989, I was able to reduce staff needed to support the sales support, ordering and billing functions. Our sales have tripled since that time and I still have not needed to add any additional staff.

The Project System allows for seamless input of Price Lists for all to use. This same list also becomes the inventory of our company with many tracking and ordering features built in. This feature alone has dramatically increased our ability to produce faster and more accurate Proposals.

The Project System is feature rich and it streamlines the Order / Billing process, eliminating to need to re-type anything. This is the number one feature of your system. From the time a service call or quote is entered, it never needs to be reentered. The fact that you use the manufacturers price lists from their database or spreadsheet eliminates possible ordering errors from data entry to ordering. I especially appreciate the billing information being directly exported to our accounting software so that the sales journal is posted properly to a customer’s account.

We are using 25+ workstations on a NT server using an IP protocol on the network. I have yet to have a NT network problem or error caused by the network using your software. Simultaneous transactions and multiple sessions have not caused any slowdown in the processing of our ordering, receiving or billing functions.

The one thing that sets you apart is the ease in getting support from you when we are trying new things or having problems setting up a new function. If it’s an emergency, like the time we were converting the data DOS files to Windows, you were on the phone with us immediately and dialed right in from where ever you were to find the problem. What others won’t believe was how fast you corrected the conversion software code and fixed the problem…all in the middle of the night. I can tell others that I have not had that experience from any one of our other software suppliers.

I know that you will have a very successful year this year, and it’s my hope that you can use this letter of recommendation to get others on board. This product is great and I know that others will appreciate the features and also the new ideas you have told me are coming.

Good luck to you and thanks for a great tool for my business.

Craig A. Thompson