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Active Buyers

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ID Description Type of Business Location of Interest Price Range Revenue
B100 Looking for Fire Safety Companies Fire Alarm West of the Mississippi Open Open
B101 Fire Alarm Companies Fire Alarm South East USA $5M – $9M Open
B102 Buyer and have the capital Fire Alarm South Florida Open Open
B103 San Francisco – Sacramento Alarm Companies San Francisco – Sacramento Open Open
B104 Acquiring additional businesses Burglary, Fire, Access Control CA Visalia, Farmersville, Exeter, Lenore, Hanford Open Open
B105 Fire Alarm Companies with C-16 License Fire Alarm Companies Santa Clara Open Open
B106 Grow and become the one buying other companies Fire Alarm FL Open Open
B107 Private Equity Purchase AV Companies TX Open Open
B108 AV Companies AV Companies MD Open Open
B109 Canada and Florida Alarm Companies NS Open Open
B110 AV Companies AV Companies TX Open Open
B111 Purchasing additional life safety companies Fire Alarm VA Open Open
B112 Fire Alarm Fire Alarm WY Open Open
B113 Add on Services to Access Control Add on Service VA – Multiple Cities Open Open
B114 Extinguisher or Sprinkler business, East of Worcester Massachusetts. Extinguisher or Sprinkler MA East of Worcester Open Open
B115 AV Companies AV Companies North East Open Open
B116 Our strategy at present is equation. Fire & Security Iowa and Denver Open Open
B117 The Security Industry Security Industry New York Open Open
B118 Structured Cabling / Systems Integrator Low Voltage Texas Open Open