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Work Order Module

Work Order by Laptops

by Tony Nasca

NEW Module: We have added a new capability to The Project System called Work Order.


You can create an unlimited number of work orders and send them to the technicians in the field.   This also functions for Service equally as well.


For Service, you can set up a set of items both parts and Labor which the technician is able to enter them into the order and enter a description the work performed.  This List can be technicians specific depending on the skill set of the technician.


If the work order is related to a service ticket, the items listed on the work order are automatically entered into the service ticket.  No additionally data entry is required to produce the invoice.  The technician can type a full report of what was done in the field and that work description is entered in the service ticket.


If the Work Order is related to an Installation, then the technician's notes are returned to a new screen labeled Tech Notes in the Project Editor.


Whether it is a service ticket or Installation, the Tech Notes Screen logs all activity regarding work orders, posted against that project. 


The work order module captures the customer's signature and return it back to the office for re-print capabilities.


The system can also e-mail a copy of the work order back to the client if requested.


The work order module can captures labor hours and post them either to the Web Time Card system or Job Cost module in Project.


The work order module also can list all the open and closed work orders generated for the installation.


If you are using the Technician Scheduler module, when you post an appointment to the schedule, the system automatically dispatches the appointment to the technician.


Work Order can also originate an appointments and send them back to The Project System for Billing.


System Requirement: Laptop/Tablet, Wireless Card, running Outlook as email media.


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Media Player Demo Laptop Work Order Short Demo on MS Surface® Tablet


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